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Pink Is Back In Action

Posted by on Mar 9, 2016 in Design, Fashion, Pink

Girls, pink is back in fashion in 2016 along with several other interesting trends that will mark the spring of 2016. Leather in Italy is a blog that will bring you latest fashion news and trends for next season. By the way, if you happen to live in Minnesota (a rather fashion less state) you might want to visit Brainerd. On West Washington Street, just across Brainerd Towing, is a clothing store that sells clothing pieces that follow the latest fashion including those that will be listed here. I must say that fashion has finally reached into this kind of place, where women had no choice but to order their clothing online.

As I said, pink is back in business, but it is different than it was before. Pink was always a symbol of innocence, children and similar things and there was never a way to include it in trend older women and girls follow. Pink was never a choice of wear of serious women, because it represents the weakness in a woman. But 2016 brings change to that negative trend.

Pink clothing by itself can’t represent a woman of modern age, but by including some other tougher pieces of clothing, pink will do well. For example, baby pink dress is just too childish to wear, no matter what kind of shirt you wear it with. But if you add a black leather jacket and studded bag (backpack), then your clothing becomes beautiful combination of pink and black. This should be complimented with ASOS After party choker for full tough girl effect.

Pink color can be also combined with a range of different colors to create hyper-feminine look. Take a float, Victorian-like top classic and add American style denim vintage jeans to it. But that isn’t all, those are just two colors, and for this style, you need a bit of gold to spice it up. Gold earrings in some wicked surreal style, lemon gold bag without any over-the-top patterns and simple strap cord sandals in light pink color will do a wonder. This will change out-of-century pink top in a piece of modern women clothing.

For a frail of heart going all out is no advisable. But for a woman that wants to make a statement, and boasts good looks, full pink suit will do wonders. Full and tight, created with exact measures, pink suit with the addition of white ruffled shirt and embellished loafers will bring out the feminine part out of the woman, but it will still represent the strength of character as well.

If you can’t or won’t go full pink, but you still love pink color in clothing then you can use pink accessories with your normal clothes. Pink accessories should not be in screaming pink, but in subtle light pink color. And for the beginning, you shouldn’t wear more than one pink accessory. You will have to make sure that the accessory goes with other pieces of your clothing. Nothing says not serious more than an accessory that draws too much attention from everything else you wear.

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