Enter the air duct cleaning business

Enter the air duct cleaning business

Air ducts are essential need and the market for air duct cleaners is always in need of new people. This is why there is real money in it. But to succeed in this line of business, you will have to work for it. We aren’t talking about physical work only; there is some administrative work that needs to be completed as well. You will need different permits as well as a background in the HVAC aka Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning. If you don’t have any experience in HVAC industry then you can attend some courses to get familiar with the systems you will eventually clean. If you want more extensive info about air duct cleaning, then visit http://www.stcloudairductcleaning.com/.

Why should someone enter this business?

Money is the primary motivator for every individual who enters this industry. No one enters this line of work for fun; they start their company to earn money. Now, we could talk about independent and franchised companies, but we will leave that for some other time. The important thing is that everyone can earn some money in this business.

Gross margins for firms that have one employee (you) are between 40 and 60 percent. More employees generate more revenue. This can also hurt your margins if your workers sit at home due to lack of work.

istock_000027015209_fullCompanies that install air ducts seek people who would cooperate with them and clean the air ducts they install. This is a good way for a new firm to connect with the clients. Profit margin will be small, but some customers will bring work to your company. You can still find other work that isn’t connected to the HVAC Contractor and earn money in that way. This opens many doors that present new chances for expansion and profit.

More about the actual air duct cleaning

Franchising is a good way to start in this business, but it places a limit on the type of work you do. HVAC Contractor that installs furnaces will give you works to clean them. There are many other things you can do in this line of work, and you can do all of that by being an independent contractor.

istock_000026898823_doubleYour employees need to have either a background in HVAC business or they need to finish courses. It’s smart to hire workers who can perform different air duct cleaning jobs. Being versed in that kind of work is also a good thing. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty to complete a task your employees don’t know how to do. You can also hire several workers that will perform different tasks. For example, if you know how to clean furnaces and air conditioners then you don’t need an employee that knows how to do that. In that case, you should hire workers who can clean commercials ducts.

It’s all about taking on all possible job opportunities with the least number of people. In this case, you will never end up without any work to do. This translates into a constant stream of revenue.

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